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 Karen, Leonard and Emily (07)5545 1613

Windemere Orchid Farm, Tamborine Mountain "Gold Coast Hinterland"


We have a small road side "farm gate stall" with flowering orchids for sale all year round, we are also available at shows and plants can be mail ordered Sorry our growing areas are not open to the public

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Real Orchid Jewellery


These are hand made with "REAL" orchid flower necklace "PRICE LIST"


Please see our "Shows" section, Remember you can order and pick up at the show saving you postage.

"Our Farm Gate Stall"

Is located at 644 Main Western Road Mount Tamborine (Between Beaudesert St and Wilson Rd) out 8am - 5pm every day

Windemere Orchid Farm on Mount Tamborine Queensland 4272 Windemere is a one stop orchid shop, great gift, flowers, florist, Gold coast,  We grow all types of orchids from Australian Native Orchids, Stanhopea Orchids, Bulbophyllum Orchids, Cattleya Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids, Dockrillia Orchids, Phalaenopsis Orchids and many more.We also carry a range of orchid pots, orchid potting mix, and orchid nic nacs. Windemere Orchid Farm Located at Tamborine Mountain approximately 1hr from Brisbane, Windemere Orchid Farm Grows and Sells Orchids Flowering Size Plants, Orchid Flask, Flasking Service, Flask, Seedlings, Deflasking, Compot, Compots, Orchid Laboratory, Orchid Lab, Agar, Mother Flask, Replate, Flask Replate, Plant Clone, Clone, Tissue Culture, Cloning, Whiskey Bottle, Orchid Seed Pod, Dry Seed method, Dry Seed, Orchid Seed, Green Seed Method, Green Seed, Flask Filters, Laminar Flow Cabinet, Flow Hood, Orchid Culture, Orchid Seed Sowing, Seed Sow, Orchid Flower, Orchids in flower, Orchid Nursery, Orchid, Orchids, Orchids On, Down under, Native Orchids, Native, Cooktown Orchid, Cooktown, King Orchid, Sydney Rock Orchid, Aust Orchid, Australian Orchid, Australian Native Orchids, Native Orchid Nursery, Queensland Orchid, Qld Native orchids, Orchids Qld, Orchid Nursery Qld, Orchids Tamborine, Tamborine, Tamborine Village, Orchids Brisbane, Brisbane Orchid Nursery, Lock Orchids, Burbank Orchids, Orchids Are Easy, Easy to grow Orchids, Easy grow orchids, How to grow orchids, orchids in the garden, growing orchids indoor, best orchids, cedarvale orchid, orchid pots, orchid potting, orchid bark, debco orchid bark, aus grow bark, orchid growing mix, medium, how to flask orchids, flasking orchids, about flasking, growing orchids, shade house, orchid shade house, hot house, where to grow orchids, everything about orchids, qld orchid farm, Cymbidium Orchid, Cymbidium Orchid Nursery, Cymbidium Qld, Cymbidium Maddidum, Valley Orchids, Dendrobium orchids, Den orchid, dens, native dendrobium orchids, Hardcane dendrobium, softcane dendrobiums, Dockrillia Orchids, Docks, Native Dockrillia orchids, Queensland native dockrillia orchid, orchid house, Cattleya Orchids, Cattleya, Qld Cattleya Orchids, How to gro Cattleya orchids, QLD GOV orchids, GOV QLD ORCHIDS, Orchid Micropopagation Queensland, Australian Orchid Micropopagation, Australian Orchid Flasking, Bulbophyllum, Qld Bulbophyllum Orchids, Growing bulbophyllums, bulbophyllum Orchid Nursery, Bulbophyllum Orchid Flask, Sarcs, Australian Sarcochilus Orchids, Sarcochilus Orchid, Sarcochilus, Sarcochilus Flask, Sarcochilus Orchid flask, Cattleya Flask, Cattley Orchid flask, Orchid Cork, Orchid Cork Mounts, Cork Mounts, Speciosum Spectacular, Dendrobium Speciosum, Speciosum, specosum orchid, Species Orchids, australian Species orchid, aust orchid, species, ANOS Benleigh, ANOS, ANOS Kabi, Queensland Orchids, orchids au, Orchid Society, Fame Orchids. Bribie Orchid, Canungra Orchid, Logan Orchid, Beaudesert orchids, Logan Village, Tamborine, Yarrabilba orchids, Yarrabilba Nursery, Yarrabilba orchid nursery, Yarrabilba, Oncidiums, Oncidiums Orchids, Stanhopea Orchids, Stanhopea Orchid Nursery, Up side down orchid, Pollinating orchids. Orchid pollinating, pollinating, New Guinea Orchids, Papua New Guinea Orchids in Flask, New Guinea Orchid Nursery Qld, Orchids of New guinea area, Bromeliads, Queensland Bromeliads, Qld Bromeliad nursery, broms, how to grow bromeliads, how to grow from seed, tamborine bromeliads, logan bromeliads, bromeliad seed, dividing bromeliads, bromeliad nursery, bromeliad society, garden clubs, spring time on the mountian, gardening, gardening australia,